I believe that every American has the right to quality, cost-efficient healthcare. Healthcare is a deeply personal issue for every individual and family in our country. As the father of a child with a chronic medical condition, I have experienced firsthand the critical importance of access to affordable healthcare that provides access to the specialists our son needs. Yet, the United States is the only country in the developed world that does not guarantee access to basic healthcare for residents. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a solid framework, but needs serious improvements. Our health is the foundation for achieving all other goals and is essential for a productive society. Our students need to be healthy in order to learn and succeed academically. Our economy relies on a healthy workforce. It is time to put aside our differences and ensure that every individual has access to quality care and innovative treatments that will yield better outcomes at more sustainable costs. 

As your Representative, I will work in Congress to focus our efforts on improving our existing program to create a solution that will achieve the healthiest outcomes for our citizens, provide expanded access to care, and be economically sustainable for our country.