Our world isn’t just changing year by year, but hour by hour. America has been the world’s economic leader since the middle of the last century, and that is a position we want to maintain for the next 100 years. There is no doubt that we must work to find real solutions to stimulate U.S. business and address the larger issues to ensure that we remain a global leader in our ever-changing economy.  We need to embrace technology so that it leads to job creation, not elimination. We need to look closely at regulations on businesses with a broader view to ensure that they protect our workers and our environment without putting a stranglehold on business development and innovation. And we absolutely need to make sure that our children are given the skills they will need not just to survive, but thrive in a tech focused economy.

Protecting American jobs will be one of my top priorities in Washington, and that includes working to ensure that every individual can gain the education and training they need to support themselves and their families. We need to work on the federal level to grow the domestic manufacturing base and promote policies that keep jobs in the United States, rather than having them sent overseas. Working in high-tech sector, I experienced firsthand the devastation of good American jobs going overseas. We need to reward companies that hire American workers, invest in manufacturing, and provide tax relief to small businesses. 

Washington needs to help foster an environment to attract and expand business opportunities and create good quality jobs, understanding that there is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution. What makes sense for Lowell and Lawrence may not work in Lexington and Lunenburg. As Director of the Merrimack Valley Small Business Center in Lowell, I work every day to help entrepreneurs start or expand their small businesses. As your Congressman, I will fight to preserve, protect, and create the American jobs that are the backbone of our economy.