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Terry's Pledge to Voters of the 3rd District

We all know that Washington is broken, and we need fresh faces in the Capitol to fix our country’s problems. As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Policy differences aside, if legislators continue to treat the job of representing voters in the House the same, there is little chance for change. 

With this in mind, if I am fortunate enough to get the chance to represent you in Washington, I will focus 100 percent on doing just that… representing you. Here is my pledge to the voters in the 3rd Congressional district:

  • My job is to go to Washington to represent the 3rd District, not to become a career politician. 
    I will not serve more than four terms.
  • If elected, representing you will be my full-time job; I will be in our nation’s capital, Monday morning through Friday afternoon, working full days and doing whatever it takes to ensure that the people of our district are being heard in Washington. Members of Congress are getting paid too much money to fly in Monday night or Tuesday morning, make a few votes, and then fly out Thursday night. The focus should not be on how to get home, but on how to represent the voters back home. 
  • We need to get Congress out of the year-round election cycle mindset and switch their focus from fundraising to serving their constituents. With that in mind, any time I spend as a Congressman raising money doesn’t bring an extra job to Lowell or Marlborough, doesn’t help to open a new business in Methuen, doesn’t help to bring needed treatment centers to our district, and doesn’t keep our kids safe in our schools. Therefore, I will not actively fundraise (at all) during my first year as your CongressmanPeriod.
  • Congress is broken, and we need a serious and focused person in the room. We need to change the culture of Congress, approaching issues not as enemies, but as serious adults with different ideas who can come together and make decisions that help our country and its citizens. On my first day as your Congressman, I will walk over to my freshman colleagues on the other side of the aisle, shake hands, and form relationships that will help pass real legislation. I’m not running for Congress to spar with Republicans – I’m running so I can represent you and other hardworking individuals and families in the 3rd District.

I may only be one person, but I am one person who can be part of a powerful tide to create real change in Washington. Will you support me? Please consider chipping in to my campaign by clicking here. Every contribution makes a difference. Don’t forget to like the campaign page on Facebook, too.